Large-scale works explore various themes and templates for future paintings. The majority are oil (and occasional mixed media) over canvas.

Raven and the Sun Goddess“. Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas. 36X58. $9000. Contact artist for purchase. Prints available in the Shop
Forest Path--Oil on Canvas. 32X44 $2,400 Framed. Contact Artist for purchase. Prints available in Shop
Sapienti–The Wise Ones. Ancient Guardians at the beginning of time.  Oil over acrylic media, twine and nylon fiber on canvas. 34″X60″ $11,000. Prints available in the Shop.

Awakening Oil on half-moon canvas, joined together along middle seam. 36″ diam. $12,000. Prints available available through the shop.

Falling. Oil on Canvas, 46X36. $5,000. Limited Ed. Prints available in Shop.

Dark Mater. Oil over Nylon Fiber. Private Collection. 26X46″ Limited Ed. Prints available through the Shop.
Forest Spirits. Oil on Canvas. 32X44. Private Collection. Limited Ed. prints available in the shop

Arachne: Oil over Nylon Fiber on canvas. 32X40 Private Collection.

Self Portrait, ca. 1995. Oil on Canvas. 40X80. NFS