Laura Diane Cameron weaves the ethereal threads of myth, nature, and the uncanny into a vibrant creation of mystical art, inviting onlookers into a world where every brushstroke tells a story of alchemy, dreamscapes, and the boundless realms of imagination.


Laura Diane Cameron is a Seattle-based artist whose work is a mystical fusion of reality and imagination, drawing heavily on myth, dream, and mystery. Born and raised in the temperate, often ethereal climate of the Pacific Northwest, Laura’s connection to her environment is deeply reflected in her art. She embraces her identity as an eclectic witchy nerd, infusing her creations with a sense of wonder and a touch to the otherworldly.

Laura received her BFA in Painting, summa cum laude, with a minor in Art History from Washington State University. Her academic journey also led her to earn a BA in English, cum laude, from the same esteemed institution. Her education has been a substantial pillar supporting her expansive career in the arts, which has spanned over two decades.

Her artistic contributions are diverse, ranging from book illustrations to album cover art, movie props, portraits, interior murals, and visionary altarpieces. Laura’s work is an ongoing alchemical narrative, where imaginal worlds manifest through vivid and textured portrayals. She channels and creates visionary paintings that invite viewers to explore realms of goddesses, mystic beings, and intuitive journeys.

Laura’s approach to her art is both mixed-media and multi-dimensional. She layers paint over various acrylic mediums, pastes, and clay to create textured and high-relief sculptural elements. Her paintings are not just visual experiences but tactile journeys. She often incorporates found and upcycled materials like cloth, nylon fiber, beads, shells, crystals, and wire to enhance the storytelling of her pieces, ensuring each work narrates its own unique story or unveils hidden truths.

Beyond her own studio work, Laura is a dedicated educator and guide in the artistic community. She has led public paint and sip events, partnered with local Seattle venues, and offered private tutorials with custom-built curricula based on individual student needs. Her teaching extends to various subjects, including the fundamentals of drawing, acrylic painting, color theory, and the history and practice of Celtic art.

Laura’s commitment to personal growth and community contribution is evident in her continuous learning and teaching endeavors. She is an alumna of the Curriculum for Living series by Landmark Worldwide, where she has engaged deeply with courses enhancing self-expression, leadership, and communication.

As Laura continues to evolve as an artist and educator, her work remains a portal to the mystical, an invitation to viewers and students alike to explore the nuanced and profound layers of imagination and expression.


Laura Diane Cameron is a distinguished artist based in Seattle, infusing her deep-rooted affinity for the Pacific Northwest’s temperate, partly-cloudy skies into her eclectic and mystical creations. A proud recipient of a BFA in Painting, summa cum laude, from Washington State University, Laura has dedicated over two decades to the arts, enriching the world with her unique vision.

Her extensive portfolio spans book illustrations, chapbooks, album covers, movie props, animal and people portraits, interior murals, Oracle decks, and visionary altarpieces. Laura’s work is a celebration of the symbiotic relationship between the known and the mysterious, the seen and the unseen.

In her own words, “My work is an alchemical narrative of imaginal worlds, a confluence of reality and the realms beyond. I channel visionary paintings that evoke the essence of Goddesses, mystic beings, and intuitive guided journeys. I am endlessly fascinated by the mysterious, the unusual, and the uncanny. My approach is a dance of mixed media and multidimensionality, layering paint over acrylic mediums, pastes, and clay to create textured, sculptural elements that leap off the canvas. Found and upcycled materials—cloth, nylon fiber, beads, shells, crystals, and wire—are meticulously woven into my paintings, revealing hidden stories and forgotten truths.”



BFA in Fine Art, summa cum laude, Washington State University
Major: Painting; Minor: Art History

BA in English, cum laude, Washington State University

Arts Associate, writing emphasis, Highline Community College

Professional Development

2011 – Current
Engaged in the Curriculum for Living by Landmark Worldwide, completing programs ranging from The Forum and Advanced Course to the Self-Expression and Leadership Program and various communication and leadership courses.

Teaching Experience

Laura’s commitment to arts education is evident through her extensive teaching experience.

Public Paint and Sip Events
2019 – Present
Collaborating with local Seattle venues to offer engaging painting experiences featuring popular designs.

Private Tutorials
2011 – Present
Tailoring a progressive curriculum to meet individual student needs across various disciplines, including the fundamentals of drawing, acrylic painting, and color theory.

Step-by-Step Painting Classes
2013 – 2018
Leading groups in acrylic painting sessions with Wine & Canvas, catering to beginners and seasoned artists alike.

Art Facilitation
2015 – Current
Conducting Chakra Art Meditation Classes and “Inner Critic” workshops, combining artistic expression with therapeutic elements to explore personal growth and self-awareness.

Custom Classes
Offering specialized workshops in acrylic media and collage in a private studio setting.

Laura Diane Cameron

Fine Art Alchemist


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