Laura Diane Cameron

Artist Bio

Laura Diane Cameron is a Seattle-based artist, self-proclaimed witchy nerd,  born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest (which means she loves the partly-cloudy, temperate climate–with occasional sun breaks). She received her BFA in Painting from Washington State University and has been creating beautifully strange mixed media paintings for over two decades. Her work is an alchemical infusion of imaginal landscapes, mythic realms and the physical world and its denizens. She channels and creates visionary paintings of Goddesses, Magick and Fae Folk, Dragons, and batwinged people.  She is most fascinated by the mysterious, the unusual and the uncanny and  all about inspiration, healing and transformation into the new paradigm.

Laura’s art is ever-evolving, and the materials range from ink wash and watercolors to oil and acrylic, and now sculpture.. She loves the tactile use of acrylic mediums, pastes and clay to build up textured and high-relief sculptural elements to her paintings, adding in cloth, nylon fiber, beads, shells, crystals and wire to the mix. Her projects and commissions have ranged from book illustrations, album cover art, movie props, portraits of people and animals, interior murals, Oracle decks, and visionary altarpieces for creatives, Lightworkers, healers, empaths and other witchy nerds like herself. On occasion, she teaches private lessons and art parties to souls of all ages. 


Curriculum Vitae


1995 —BFA Fine Art | Washington State University * summa cum laude* Major Emphasis: Painting
* Minor: Art History

1993–BA English | Washington State University* cum laude

Arts Associate | Highline Community College
* Writing Emphasis


Curriculum for Living | Landmark Worldwide * The Forum–2011* Advanced Course—2012

*Self-Expression and Leadership Program-2013*Communication Course I & II–2013

*Introduction Leaders Program August 2016-March 2017*Course Supervisor Program 2017-Present


Public Paint and Sip Events–2019-Present

Partnering with local Seattle venues to bring new customers and a fun step-by-step painting experience with rotating pop-culture designs. 

 Private Tutorials—2011-Present

Custom-built progressive curriculum based individual student needs

  • Fundamentals of Drawing
  • Introduction to Acrylic Painting
  • Color Theory
  • History and Practice of Celtic Art

Step by Step Painting Classes—2013-2018

  • With national franchise Wine & Canvas—acrylic painting via completed and live demo for beginners (see example demo “Starry Night Seattle”. Class Sizes range from 15-45 people, depending on venue
  • Custom Classes (via my private studio)—Acrylic media and collage, 1-4 people. Attendees select demo image to paint from

Art Facilitation (co-taught with local therapist) 2015-Current

  • Chakra Art Meditation Classes– An exploration of the seven chakras through various acrylic painting and collage techniques, explanation of related symbolism and meditative exercises.
    • Series I: 7-class series
    • Series II: 3-session workshop
  • “Inner Critic” Class—partly step-by-step and partly therapeutic facilitation, this class required students to depict their “inner critic” via paint on canvas, gradually transforming a negative image into a positive one.