Laura Diane Cameron


Creative Freedom

Feeling a need for respite from the crazy chaos of the everyday world? Me, too– this is why I create! There is a wider sense of reality that most of us are not connected to–unless we are in meditation, journeying or dreaming.The process of creation is is seeking connection to that non-ordinary reality that is extremely present and yet sits outside of our concept of time and space.


My mission is to create art to feed the soul and reconnect it to Source. This means diving deep into ancient and modern myths to explore the Light, the Shadow, and the gradients between. My inspiration comes from personal and universal mythic realms as well as the beautiful temperate rain forests and scenery of the Pacific Northwest. It is my hope that this work inspires others to reclaim their own creativity and manifest a better world for everyone.

Current and Upcoming Shows

November 2016

Solo Show–Fremont Jewelry Design Seattle WA. Featuring Latest Works.

Private Salon–By Invitation Only. Dark-themed Art.